Artist Jonny Detiger’s works and designs transcend the mundane, celebrate life, and joyfully bridge the gap between the everyday and the sublime.
His signature style of intricate line art and mixed media sculpture takes us on an exploration of human interaction through a kaleidoscope of iconic imagery, text, color and light. His furniture designs have won critical acclaim for post-modern excellence and have been featured in design books and international design magazines.
“Art, fashion, design and music have always been an integral part of my life and art” says Jonny. “I move freely between these disciplines and create projects of “living art” environments that incorporate sound, smell, design and color. Happiness, humor and positivity are common themes that run through all of my work.”
A self-taught artist, Jonny went to school in Holland and Switzerland before studying business and economics at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh and the London School of Economics.
Jonny Detiger is an artist and designer whose art has been shown and collected widely in galleries across the United States and Europe. He grew up in Holland but is now based in New York with his family and works out of his Chinatown Studio. .
Twitter and Instagram @jonnydetiger

Howl Happening Gallery Amplified Space  New York 2017
Blank Space Gallery  Cosmic Talk  New York 2016
Brett Wesley Gallery  Stream Of Consciousness  Las Vegas  2011
Blank Space  Kaleidoscopic Adventures  New York  2010
BG 81    Amsterdam, Holland  2006
S.E.Galleri   Bergen, Norway 2004
Luxe Gallery   New York 2003
Pictureshow   Berlin, Germany 2000
Design Biennial “Interieur”   Kortrijk, Belgium 1998
Libro Azul           Ibiza, Spain 1996
Marta Torres   Ibiza, Spain 1995
Galleria KU   Ibiza, Spain 1993
Wanted Design Launch PAD 2015 New York 2015
Brown University A better World By Design Conference/Sound Installation Providence 2014
The Hole Shop Spin-O-Rama Light Sculptures New York 2012
Partners & Spade Boom Boom Box Sound Installation New York 2009
Figment  Love Shower Outdoor Sculpture Installation   New York  2009
Spectral Materiality Blank Space Gallery New York 2019
Three-Some_Thing Elga Wimmer Gallery New York 2018
Fractured Body Fab Gallery/University of Arts Tirana, Albania 2017
Context Art Miami Blank Space Miami 2016
The Surrey ArtSpeak Curated by Natasha Schlesinger New York 2016
Gallery 1949 Aspen, CO 2016
Context Art Miami Blank Space Miami 2014
Art Southampton Blank Space Southampton 2014
LA Art Show Brett Wesley Gallery Los Angeles 2013
Galeria Harmoni Ceshtja Dcase Curated by Ardian Isufi Tirane, Albania 2012
Art Laren & AAF Amsterdam Holland 2011
Gavlak "Think Pink"curated by Beth Rudin deWoody (catalogue) Palm Beach, FL 2010
Blank Space Preview 2010 New York 2009
LTMH Gallery   New York 2008
Bridge Art Fair Miami Leila Heller Gallery  Miami 2007
LTMH Gallery POP New York 2007
Sarah Bowen Gallery "Pursuit of Happiness" curated by C. Howard Brooklyn 2006
LTMH Gallery Black and White New York 2006
The Garage Keeping it Real Jersey City 2006
Deitch gallery Artparade New York 2006
Dust Gallery Architectural Elements Las Vegas 2006
Artissima           Turin 2005
F.I.A.C.         Stefan Stoyanov Gallery  Paris 2005
S.E. Gallery         No way to Norway Bergen, Norway 2004
F.I.A.C.           Paris 2004
Works on paper/Park Avenue Armory           New York 2004
Luxe Projects         Stop & Store New York 2004
Toronto Art Fair   Toronto, Canada 2003
AAF art fair (catalogue) New York 2002
Luxe Projects Peculiarly Pink New York 2002
Deutsche Bank/Creative Time Time To Consider New York 2002
O gallery   Barcelona, Spain 2001
Gale Gates et al. Size Matters Brooklyn, NY 1999
KANAL 20   Brussels, Belgium 1998
St. Mungo’s Museum The Stupa Project (catalogue) Glasgow, UK 1998
White Hot Magazine Three_some_thing at Elga Wimmer Jonathan Goodman 2018
Guest of a Guest The Interactive Art Exhibit Raining Bubbles In The East Village Christie Grimm  2017
Bedford and Bowery Plexiglas Playground Cassidy Dawn Graves  2017
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